How do I limit the list of Narrative Templates I have to select from?
Posted by Gary Stewart on 10 September 2013 11:31 AM

When printing a Narrative report, the list of reports is extensive. The user will see reports from other medical disciplines and has to scroll to select the particular narrative he/she wishes to print.  The following screenshots show the full list from the Narrative Printing and from Charting/ Documents. (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2)

On a “by user basis” this list can be modified to a shorter version. To modify this list:

  1. Click on the Practice Studio icon in the top left corner.  At the bottom of the drop down menu there is a button the reads “Options” After clicking the “options” button, select “User Options” (screenshot)
  2. There is an area named "Narrative Reports to Include".  If the list is empty, all reports will be visible. Click the "ADD" button. (screenshot) 
  3. A list of all narrative reports shows up in the drop down. Select the first report you wish to include in your personalized list. Repeat this process to include only the reports you wish to see in your selection. (screenshot)
  4. You will now have a short selection of reports included in this box. When you are satisfied with the list, click "OK" in the bottom right corner. (screenshot)
  5. Now when we go back and look at the Narrative List under both Charting/Documents and Narrative Printing, the list only contains the documents we selected in "USER OPTIONS." (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2)
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