How do I run PracticeStudio through my iPad?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 03 May 2013 09:13 AM

Author: Ed Moffatt

iPads are a very popular choice for users who would like a lightweight, portable tablet to enter their PracticeStudio chart encounters, or to allow patients to enter "Kiosk" entry in the waiting area.  Configuring an iPad to run PracticeStudio is very simple, and operates through the use of an "RDP" (or Remote Desktop Protocol) client.  

Two Points to Understand

Desktop Requirement - The key point to understand when using an iPad to run PracticeStudio is that PracticeStudio itself will be hosted on a full desktop machine.  This means that PracticeStudio will actually be running on either one of your workstations or on your server, and the iPad will "remote desktop" into that full computer in order to use PracticeStudio (detailed steps describing how to accomplish this are listed below.)  If you will be using a workstation to "host" PracticeStudio, then that workstation cannot be used while the iPad is remoted in.  This type of setup often works best when the doctor has a regular desktop in their office, but also wants to be able to carry around an iPad (since the doctor will only ever be using one or the other.)  

Alternative Options - It is also of note that any tablet that can run full Windows Professional (such as the Microsoft Surface Pro) will be able to run the PracticeStudio client directly on the tablet itself. This avoids the need for a separate "host" machine.

How to Configure Your iPad to Run PracticeStudio 

  1. In this document we are using MochaSoft Remote Desktop Lite RDP since it is free and easy to configure.  Even though this is a free App you will need an active Apple ID and Password to download it from the Apple Store.

    Go to the Apps icon Apple Store Icon and Search for Mochasoft RDP
    Store results 
  2. Install the version of your choice. This document will use MochaSoft Remote
    Desktop Lite RDP.
  3. Open the RDP lite App Mocha App Icon

    The following page will open:
    Mocha 1st Page 

  4. Touch Configure and then New
    Configure and New
  5. Touch the little arrow for “PC Name or IP address.”
    Name and IP Address 

  6. In the following page you will get a list of available Workstations. Touch the workstation you will be using to host the PracticeStudio client. 
    Workstation list 

  7. Notice that now the Workstation you selected is embedded in the PC Address field.
    Touch Configure

  8.  Touch Connect

  9. The Windows log on screen will display. Enter your password.

    Note: As mentioned previously, when you log on to the workstation via the iPad the workstation will be rendered unusable. This is the nature of RDP due to Microsoft Windows Licensing. If preferred, you can log into your server machine (though this will likely require a paid RDP client rather than MochaSoft Lite) and utilize Terminal Service licenses for each iPad connection (your server hardware will need to be strong enough to support multiple connections.

    Windows login

    If all went well you were able to log on to see and navigate your workstation.  Now we will finesse the configuration to allow the tablet / Kiosk to perform as intended.

  10. Navigate back to the Mocha RDP Lite Configure page.  
    - Set Screen size to 1024 X 768. This screen size is required for the Kiosk to perform as intended.
    Optional - Fill in the appropriate values for Set PC User, Set PC Password, Set Name.  While not mandatory, setting these values makes future connections much quicker.
    Config Settings

  11. Now go to the Workstation and Launch the Kiosk. When it is up and running
    on the workstation go back to the iPad and touch Connect

  12. The Workstation will become unusable and the iPad will show the PracticeStudio window (screnshot is showing the Kiosk dialog).
    - If you added the user name and password in Step 10 you will go directly to PracticeStudio
    - If not you will be prompted for a user name and password.
     PS Window

  13. As a final step, note the icons at the bottom of the iPad screen:

    Especially if using the iPad as a Kiosk, you will want to adjust the settings for the RDP view.  After you have launched PracticeStudio touch “Zoom out” and then “Lock screen”, then “Hide”. This will keep the PracticeStudio in the optimal location on the iPad.

    Additionally the menu may be used to Disconnect from the workstation.

NOTE: You can use a feature called guided access to lock an iPad in a single app. This prevents patients from completing the kiosk task and going into other parts of the iPad. More information can be found at the following link:*

* - Thank you to Dr. Unterseher for the above note on guided access 

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