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How do I create a supply list?
Posted by Karen Jones on 10 September 2013 09:06 AM
PracticeStudio has functions to track supplies (through "Supply" charge codes) and inventory item (which is an optional function of Supply codes).  In order to print a listing of supply codes or inventory items in PracticeStudio, use the Charge Codes Listing report:
  1. Click on the PracticeStudio logo in the top left corner, then pick reports, then report library. (screenshot)
  2. Click on Practice Management, then Charge Codes Listing (screenshot
  3. You select your report parameters.
    • You select either CPT or Supply charge code type, depending on how you have your supplies entered in PracticeStudio.
  4. Next, choose your search criteria.
    • You can run one code at a time (single selection) or use a filtered selection to print a range of codes. (screenshot

There are some supply codes already available in PracticeStudio, so if you are running the “supply” charge code type, you need to be sure to specify the code or it will give you a list of everything that is pre-loaded.

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