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How do I create a chart protocol for Meaningful Use?
Posted by Karen Jones on 14 August 2013 04:51 PM

There are 2 menu set measures which require you to setup two chart protocols in order to meet the measures:

  • Menu Set 3 - Menu set measure #3 requires that you generate a list of patients with a specific designated diagnosis code. 
  • Menu Set 4 - Menu set measure #4 is designed to gather information for your patients 65 and over and generate a letter based on your patients that fit this criteria.

How to add a Chart Protocol for Menu Set 3

To begin, we will create a protocol for a diagnosis code to meet menu set #3.  For this example we will be using Dx code 728.85, but this could be any other diagnosis code that is appropriate for your practice.

  1. Open Chart Protocols (Application button – Setup – Charts Setup – Chart Protocols) (screenshot)

  2. The next screen you see is the Available Actions screen. You will not be able to search for any protocols until they are created. So we will click “Add a Chart Protocol”. (screenshot) 

  3. Enter the following basic information for the protocol: (screenshot)
    • Code - 728.85 for this example
    • Description - Muscle Spasm
    • Notification Message - Muscle Spasm (this field has to contain text in order for the chart protocol to run).

  4. The next field you need to complete for the diagnosis code protocol is “Criteria”. We will click “Add”

  5. In the Chart Protocol Criteria Item dialog that appears, use your drop down to pick “Diagnosis”.

  6. Click “Add” and enter the diagnosis code or browse for the code. (screenshot) 

  7. Click “Save” to save this code, and then “Save” again to save it on your chart protocol. You will now have the DX code save under “Criteria”. (screenshot) 

  8. Click “Save” on the left menu and your protocol is now ready to be run. (screenshot) 

  9. Back to the left menu, you will click “Run Protocol” and the software will generate a list of patients with this diagnosis code attached to their chart. (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2) 

  10. You have now created the chart protocol and populated the findings. For Meaningful Use, there is one more step. You have to generate a Chart Protocol Findings report through the report library in order for the results to be tabulated for your Meaningful Use statistics. You will enter the code of the protocol or browse for it in the next pop-up window.  (screenshot) 

  11. Run the report and then close it – you are not required to submit a printed copy of the report for Meaningful Use. Once the chart protocol has been run and the chart protocol findings report run, these statistics will populate into your Meaningful Use report.


How to add a Chart Protocol for Menu Set 4

When you build a chart protocol based on ages 65 and over, there are a few different steps involved. We will go over those differences below:

  1. The primary difference here is that we have to set the age parameter instead of the criteria. Enter “65” for age and “1” for frequency (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2) 

  2. Now, return to the Chart Protocol Setup screen and you are ready to save again on the left, and then run the protocol, same as before. You will generate a list of names of patients 65 and over.

  3. As with Menu Set 3, the last step required is to print a report listing the findings of the protocol.  The only difference is you also have to run the Chart Protocol Notice report for the 65 and over group. This will generate a batch of letters.  You do not have to mail these letters to meet the requirement in Stage 1 of Meaningful Use, you are simply proving that you can generate letters based on your chart protocol findings. (screenshot) 

  4. The letters will populate, and you simply close the letter window.

If these protocols were built and run within your reporting period (whether 90 days of the entire year), menu sets #3 and #4 are now met!


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