How do I fix an "At least one Date of Service must be after the Consultation Date" scrubbing error in claims?
Posted by Cari Callan on 17 July 2013 04:30 PM

Scrubbing Error:



To Correct the Error:

  1. Click on the claim to highlight
  2. Right click on the claim
  3. Select Go To
  4. Select Patient Incident
  5. s2

  6. Update the Initial Tx/Consultation Date that is the same date as the Date of Service or a date that is prior to the Date of Service.
  7. Click Save
  8. s3

  9. Go back to Claims Management
  10. Highlight the claim
  11. Right click on the claim
  12. Select ‘Edit Claim – Re-gather from Database
  13. s4

  14. The date will be corrected and the claim will move to Queued Claims for submission.
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