Why did all my appointments disappear?
Posted by Gary Stewart on 12 July 2013 08:48 AM

One issue we get from time to time involves users calling and reporting that all their appointments are missing from a particular day or a particular appointment book resource.  What typically has happened in these cases is that the user accidentally selected  ”Single Resource to Another Day” as opposed to “Move Selected Appointment to Another Day” when trying to use the "Move Appointment” options. (screenshot)

When this occurs, there is no simple "Undo" action since those move details are not logged.  PracticeStudio does warn the user and require acknowledgment prior to making these types of mass moves since there is no reverse option for this move. (screenshot)

With that said, should this type of accidental mass-move continue to occur, the best solution is typically to remove the Mass Move permission for all users save the Office Manager.

Removing Appointment Mass Move Privileges from a User

  1. From the Application Button in the top left corner, select  Setup -> Security Editor

  2. Select the USER or GROUP you wish to restrict and Double click on the name so the Edit User Item dialog box appears.

  3. Click on the Permissions tab from the Edit User Item dialog

  4. Click on the “+” beside “Appointment Scheduler” so that it displays all the sub permissions of that category (screenshot)

  5. Take the checkmark out of all three Mass Move actions and then save. Please note, if the user is designated as an “Administrator” on the first page of the Edit User Item dialog, these individual permission settings will be ignored. 
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