How to find a batch of submitted claims
Posted by Cari Callan on 08 July 2013 07:25 AM

These steps will outline how to find a batch of submitted claims to review or resubmit.

  1. Go to Claims Management
  2. Go to Claims History
  3. Go to Load Batch

Find Batch

   4. Each batch is time and date stamped, indicates the submission method (837 or CMS1500), claim count, batch total, and the PracticeStudio user that submitted the batch.

Find Batch

   5. Select the batch that you need and click OK

   6. The batch that you selected will populate in claims history.  You can then review the claims submitted in the batch or resubmit the entire batch.

   7. To resubmit the entire batch, click ‘Select All’

Find Batch

   8. Then click ‘Claim Tasks’

   9. Click ‘Send to’

   10. Click CMS1500 to print the claims on paper or X12 837 to file to resubmit the claims electronically

Note: When you select the ‘X12 837 to file’ option, the claims do not go back into queue.  A file is immeditately created in your 837 folder and you need to log into your clearinghouse’s website and upload the claims. 

Find Batch

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