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How to add an Audio File
Posted by Ed Moffatt on 02 July 2013 09:38 AM

How to add an Audio File

  1. Go to Medical Records
  2. Select the to which Patient you want to add the file
  3. Click on Patient Media
  4. From the Action Menu select
    Action Menu

  5. Now Navigate to the file which you wish to attach.
    Navigation Pane

  6. In the Import Window the File name will be Populated
  7. Now there are several other Items which may be filled out.
    1. Sensitivity - Sets the Security level from 1-5 and corresponds to the Users security level 
    2. Title - Defaults to the file name but may easily be changed to a friendly name
    3. Category - This can be helpful in finding the correct file down the road
      Notice: Use Categories wisely. Too many or Too few will reduce the Categories' effectiveness
    4. Description - A concise description can help you identify files
    5. Serial ID - This spot is reserved for use with in-house identification numbers
    6. PDF Rendering Resolution - This tell PS how much detail there should be in a graphic
      Note: In Audio/Video this is not used
    7. Messaging - This may be used to notify a user when a file has been attached.
      The Notification(s) will displayed in the users mailbox. For Messaging set-up see the Help file "Groups and Subscriptions"

    File Naming

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