How do I correct an "Accident Date and Related Condition" scrubbing error?
Posted by Cari Callan on 14 June 2013 02:42 PM

This article addresses the following errors:

  • The incident’s accident date must be set because one of the accident related flags is set.

Accident Date


  • Claim Error: One of the accident related incident flags must be set when the accident date is specified.

Related Condition

To correct the first error message shown above:

  1. Highlight the claim and right click
  2. Select Go To then Patient Incident
  3. In the first scrubbing error message, there is a condition that is marked in the Claim Specific section of the patient's incident, however, the Injury/Illness/LMP date is not specified and marked in the drop down box as an Injury (Accident).
  4. To correct the scrubbing error, enter the injury date and mark the drop down as an Injury (Accident) as shown below.

Patient Incident Accident Date

To correct the second error message shown at the top of this article:

  1. In the second error message, the Injury/Illness/LMP date is specified and the drop down is marked as an Injury (Accident), however, the related condition field is not indicated.
  2. To correct the scrubbing error, check the 'Claim Specific' box that corresponds to the patient's injury (i.e. Condition Related to Employment, Condition Related to Auto Accident, etc).

Patient Incident Related Condition

Once you have correct the injury date or corresponding related condition:

  1. Go back to Claims Management
  2. Highlight the claim and right click
  3. Select 'Edit Claim - Regather from database'
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