Why am I getting Insufficient Permissions for Auto-Recovery
Posted by Ed Moffatt on 11 June 2013 04:41 PM

Why am I getting Insufficient Permissions for Auto-Recovery?

Auto-Recovery is a feature added to Versions 11.0.0.* and higher. While charting, if something occurs causing PracticeStudio to crash your Patient Record is automatically saved providing a way to reproduce the Patient Record without having to re-enter all the button clicks and text. This is accomplished by PracticeStudio actively saving the patient record while the notes are being added. This data is saved locally on the machine which the note are being added. If there is no issue with the note the Auto-Recovery file is simply deleted once the encounter is saved and a new one is started for the next patient. In order for this to be created certain permissions must be in place at the folder level on each local machine which will be adding patient notes (Medical Records.)

If the permissions are insufficient the following information box will be displayed:


Take the following steps to create the proper level of permissions:

  1. Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroFour

  2. Right click on the PracticeStudio folder and select “Properties” then click on the “Security” tab

  3. At the bottom of the page select “Advanced”

  4. Click on Change Permissions

  5. Take the check out of Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent
  6. Click on “Remove”

  7. Now “Add”

  8. Now we will add three Objects “System”, “Network Service” and “Everyone”
    Each Object will be given “Full Control” You may also individually select Read, Write, Create and Delete, but full control includes theses permissions

  9. With the new permissions in place put a check in “Replace all child object permissions…”

  10. Click “OK” ,” Yes” and “OK”
If you would still like to know more follow this link for an in depth article on understanding folder level permissions
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