Why am I locked out of the system?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 10 June 2013 04:18 PM

Author: Ed Moffatt

Occasionally a user will get locked out of PracticeStudio (the User Password won’t allow access to PS).  This is typically because an incorrect password was entered numerous (by default 3) times with your username. 

  • Why does this happen? 
    • According to National EMR guidelines there must be measures in place to prevent unauthorized personnel form gaining access to PS. This includes a setting to block access after a certain number of failed login attempts.
    • By default, three incorrect User and Password combinations will cause the affected username to become disabled, thereby locking that user out of the program. This setting can be modified in Global Preferences of the security editor to allow more (or fewer) attempts before disabling the user.
  • How do I fix it?
    1. Log in as a user which has  Administrative rights or with right to use the security editor freely
      • This may be the Doctor or the office manager. If you cannot gain access please place a service request. A service tech will be happy to assist you.
    2. Open the Security Editor (App Button -> Setup -> Security Editor)
      disabled user
    3. Upon opening the Security Editor you will notice one thing. The user in question will be missing.  This is because disabled users are hidden from the Users list by default.

    4. To find the user click on the Hide Inactive button (it’s the one with the little red minus sign.)  This will show all users, including disabled users.

    5. Now double-click on the user in question (in this example it is "Tech, M4")
      disabled user
    6. Notice that the Account is inactive check is checked. Remove the check and click Save to re-activate the user.
      disabled user

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