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Using Download Medication History in RxWriter
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 05 June 2013 02:55 PM

Author: Kelly Wornell

Question: When I go to Download Medication History, it is "grayed" (dimmed) out, why?

med history

Download Medication History is a real-time download of the current patients medication history. If this selection is dimmed out then we need to check the following and make sure it is correct:

  1. Patient full name
  2. Patient address
  3. Date of birth
  4. Gender

Answer: 3 out of 4 elements must match what the e-prescribing network has on file AND a drug history has to have been made available to the E-prescribing network for PracticeStudio to be able to download that history.


Question: How do you use Download Medication History?


  1. Click the Download patient medication history link in RxWriter
    med history
  2. Review and set the parameters below:
    med history
    1. Internet status
    2. Last request for this patient
    3. Whether or not the clinic has the patient's consent for medication history
    4. If checked, history for all providers will be downloaded. If unchecked, only history for the current provider will be downloaded.
    5. The date range to pull medication history through. By default this will be the last two years starting from today, but this range can be modified if desired.
    6. The full details for the patient, including coverages and code IDs (see below for a sample coverage)
      med history

  3. When ready to download the history, click the Query button
    med history
  4. The Download request will return Medication History, described below.
    med history
    1. Result Set - This area shows the results set returned from E-scribing. This includes the number of items returned. (This could possibly show current medications listed in PracticeStudio.
    2. Add to Current - This column can be manually checked to signify this medication is a current medication for this patient.
    3. Add to History - This column can be manually checked to signify this medication is a historical medication for this patient.
    4. Auto-Select All Items - By clicking this item, PracticeStudio will check either the "Add to Current" or "Add to History" for each item, and will attempt to make its best judgement as to which group the individual medications belong to.  The selections can then be modified as desired.
    5. Unselect All Items - All check boxes will be cleared, indicating that no medications will be brought into the patient record. 
    6. Update - Clicking this button will bring the selected medications into the patient record. They will be entered into either the Current or Historical list, depending on which column was selected for the medication entry. If neither column was selected, the medication will not be brought into the patient's chart.
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