How do I find or exclude inactive patients from the patient browse?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 05 June 2013 01:54 PM

Author: Ed Moffatt

The patient browse can be customized to show (or exclude) inactive patients from the results.  The first thing to know is that this tweak is user specific, so if you change the way it works for you it will not change it for your co-worker. It will however follow you from machine to machine provided you use a unique user login.

To customize the browse:

  1. Navigate to a Patient Browse.  In this example we are in Chart Posting, but any Patient Browse will access the same screen.
    exclude inactive patients

  2. In my example below, the Status field is included in our search results, and is defaulted to Active.  This will exclude any inactive patients from the search results.  We can drop this field down and select "Inactive" or "<Any Status>" to see just inactive or all patients.  If we want to always search for all patients, we will need to remove the Status field from our search fields selection.  To do this, first click Search Fields.
    exclude inactive patients
  3. In the resulting list take the check mark out of Active Status and click Save.
    exclude inactive patients

  4. Now select Search.  ALL patients will be displayed in the result.  This is important since you must to the "Search" or the value will not be saved.
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