How do I add a charge code to a chart list?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 04 June 2013 10:13 AM

Author: Greg Moss

To add a charge code (which could be a CPT code, an Auto-Code, or a Supply Code) to a chart list:

  1. Acquire the screen name for the charge code to be placed on
    Add code

  2. Open Chart Screen Maintenance (Application Button -> Setup -> Charts Setup -> Chart Screen Maintenance)
    Add code

  3. Click Search for an Existing Screen, then search and select the screen code found on step 1 (DM_CPT_101 in my example.)
    List Search 
  4. Click on the list box to open the List Editor, then add a new row by clicking the List Contents Button, clicking the charge code above or below the place in the list you wish to insert your new code, then clicking "Add New Row Above" or "Add New Row Below" as appropriate.
    List Search
  5. Complete the details of the list item.
    List Search
    1. Enter the desired Charge Code (CPT, Auto Code, or Supply Code) in the ChargeCode property.  
    2. Enter the display text to show in the list under the Text property.
    3. Enter the narrative text to document in the chart when the item is clicked in the Value property.
    4. Click the Save button on the List Editor window.
    5. Close the list editor using the red X in the upper right corner, then save the form.
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