How do I set up email in PracticeStudio?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 03 June 2013 12:01 PM

Author: Ed Moffatt

PracticeStudio sends e-mail through an external mail server that. This can be an in-house server set up by your IT person, or it could be a public service such as Hotmail or Gmail (for additional considerations on using public mail servers with PracticeStudio, see this KB article.)  In either instance, the connection settings for your mail server must be set up in PracticeStudio before e-mails can be sent through the software. To do this:

Email settings

  1. Open Application Options by clicking the App Button -> Options -> Application Options.

  2. Select "General Settings" on the left, and then the "Email Settings" tab.

  3. SMTP Server - Enter the address of the SMTP server.
    • This refers to the mail server through which emails and SMS Text messages will be sent from within PracticeStudio. In this example, we are using Gmail, though you may use any mail server that is available to you.  You may need to contact your IT personnel to get the proper address, port, and login settings for your office.

  4. SMTP Port - Enter the port to use on the SMTP server, and select whether to use SSL / TSL encryption or not.
    • This identifies how the message will be directed within the SMTP server itself.
    • The most common ports used are 25 for unencrypted connections, or 465 for encrypted (SSL / TSL) connections.  Other ports often used would be 587, 80, or 3535.
    • Ports 25, 80, or 3535 typically do not require the SSL / TSL checkbox to be checked.
    • Ports 465 and 587 typically do require the SSL / TSL checkbox to be checked.

  5. User Name - This is the username used to log into the email account. In my example, I am using "" for my username.

  6. Password -  The password used to log into the email account. 

  7. From Email - This is the email address that will display in the "From:" field of any sent e-mail message.
    • Some mail servers require the "From:" email to be the same as the username.  This is common of public mail servers such as gmail or hotmail, whereas in-house mail servers allow the "From:" address to be set as desired.

  8. Display Name - This is the name that will display on any sent e-mail message. Typically this will be the clinic name for use within PracticeStudio.

  9. Test Email - Clicking this link will send a test email using the currently configured e-mail settings.
    • If everything is correct you will get a popup telling you the "Message test was a success"
    • If ANY portion was incorrect  you will get a popup  saying "Email test failed"
      • To toubleshoot a failure change 1 item at a time and test after each change. If it continues to fail change it back and try another entry.
      • The most common cause of failure is simply a bad password.
 For additional help troubleshooting existing connections, see the KB article Why don't my appointment reminder or recall e-mails send consistently?
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