How do I set a list item as a favorite?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 03 June 2013 08:51 AM

Author: Bob Rushing

The recent versions of PracticeStudio include a new and updated list form in chart posting.  One feature of this new list form is a built-in, user specific favorites list for every list in the system. To mark a list item as a favorite on a recent version of PracticeStudio:

  1. Go into Chart Posting under a sample patient (Medical Records folder -> Select Patient -> Ready for Posting), and then navigate to the desired screen.

  2. Scroll to the list item that you wish to make a favorite. In my example, I will be making "Tenderness" in the screenshot below a favorite.
    Favorite Item

  3. Click the Star button at the top of the list to enter favorite selection mode.
    Favorite Item

  4. Click the desired list item ("Tenderness" in my example) to mark it as a favorite. While in favorite selection mode for the list, any item can be toggled on or off as a favorite. A star will appear next to items to indicate that they are currently favorites.
    Favorite Item

  5. Click the Star button again to leave favorite selection mode.
    Favorite Item

  6. Your selected item(s) will now show at the top of the list under a "Favorites" category.  These favorites will be remembered on a per-user basis, so each PracticeStudio user will be able to customize their own favorites list.
    Favorite Item 
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