How do I add Modifiers to a Chart CPT List?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 17 May 2013 03:09 PM

Author: Bob Rushing

To add CPT modifiers to an item an existing CPT Charting list:

  1. Create an encounter for a sample patient and navigate to the screen containing the chart item you wish to modify.

  2. Write down the screen number that is associated with the list.  This will be shown in the header of the Charting window. If a popup or content placeholder is currently being shown, then the screen number of both the parent form and the popup form will be shown (the popup screen code will appear in brackets after the description of the parent form, such as in the screenshot below)
    Screen Code
    In this example, we are modifying an item in the "Modalities" popup window, which has a screen number of DC_HB_0200.03 shown in the screenshot above.

  3. Navigate to Chart Form Maintenance by clicking the Application Button -> Setup -> Charts Setup -> Chart Form Maintenance.

  4. Click Search for an existing charting screen to display the browse form, then type in the screen number written down in step 1 to find the form.
    Screen Browse

  5. Once the screen is brought up for editing, click on the list. This should bring up the List Editor window.
    Edit List
  6. Click on the list contents button in the tool bar
    List Contents
  7. Select the desired list item, click the ChargeCodeModifiers property, then click the "..." browse button.
    Select list item
  8. In the ChargeCodeModifier Collection Editor dialog that appears, click Add, click on the ModifierPk property of the new item, click the Down Arrow, then select the desired item from the list.
    Select list item
  9. Add any additional modifiers or change any existing modifiers using the same process, then click Ok to accept the Modifier changes.
  10. Click the List Save button  to save the list, then click Close List Editor in the upper right corner of the List Editor window to close the editor.
  11. Run the form by creating a chart encounter for a sample patient and select the modified list item.  The newly added modifier(s) should be available for selection.
    Resulting modifier

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