How do I extend the number of days an insurance verification stays active?
Posted by Dustin Taylor on 14 May 2013 03:30 PM

Author: Cari Callan

In recent builds of the software, insurance verification has the ability to "expire" after a certain period of time, and notify the user that it needs to be reverified (this is true of both manual and online verifications).  Follow the steps below to extend the amount of time that these verified insurances say marked as "verified":

  1. Click the Application Button
    App Button 

  2. Go to Options -> Application Options 
    App Options

  3. Select the Billing, Claims & Statements page.

  4. In the section for Plan Verification & Rollover, enter the number of days that the verification needs to remain active in the "Days after insurance verification that plans are considered unverified" field. 
    Note: If the insurance plans are set to automatically roll over at the beginning of a new calendar year, the verification will not roll over with it.  As of the roll over date, the new plan will begin with a status of "unverified" regardless of the number of days entered in Application Options.
    App Options
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